Out Now: Looking Sharp - Shocking Novel of Life in a U.S. Military Academy

Arthur Byron Cover and Digital Parchment Services are excited to announce the release of Looking Sharp: Shocking Novel of Life in a U.S. Military Academy.

This extraordinary book will open your eyes to the abuses that so many have faced and tragically continue to experience, in many Military Academy's in the United States.

Here's more about this powerful read:
Reports of sexual assault rose 27% at military service academies in 2018-19 school year (CNN headline) 
"Builds Character." "Teaches Self-discipline." "Develops Good Sportsmanship." "Creates Leaders." "Instills Good Values." 
These are the phrases people typically think of when they think of private military academies. But as with most matters, things are rarely as they seem.
If it is true that, as we are being told, "boys will be boys" – then what happens when adolescent boys and young men, hormones raging, are bunked side by side in dormitories? Perhaps the following news headline provides clues: Reports Of Sexual Assault Rose 27% At Military Service Academies In 2018-19 School Year! 
However scandalous or repugnant it may seem, sans girls or women, the more aggressive and sexualized boys turn to the weaker as prey.
In Looking Sharp, novelist Arthur Byron Cover, presents a shocking insider's look at one such incident based on actual events he witnessed while a cadet at a military academy.
Looking Sharp: Shocking Novel of Life in a U.S. Military Academy is available right now: free on Kindle Unlimited and $13.99 for a high quality paperback

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